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Web Content

Text only, with up to two included drafts; delivered as an electronic document.

ServicePrice Range
1 Press Release, 300-500 words$75 – $125
1 City/Local page, 500 words$90
1 Product page, 500 words$75
1 “About” page, 600 – 1200 words (company bio, mission, etc.)$105 – $252
1 Blog Post, 600 – 1200 words $144 – $288

Images & Marketing Materials

Images, text, & layout included for flyers & brochures. Up to two included revisions; designs & images delivered electronically.

ServicePrice per Unit
Source 1 royalty-free image (no changes)$6
Source, size, & brand 1 image (for blog post or social media)$14
Enhance 1 photo image (color correction, noise removal, etc.) $18
Flyer design (black-and-white; 1 side of 1 page)$36
Flyer design (color; 1 side of 1 page)$55
Business card design, 1 sided (3 design concepts; 1 chosen design)$105
Three-fold brochure design (6 panels)$375


Up to two included revisions for design services; designs delivered electronically.

ServicePrice per Unit
Logo, up to 3 colors$100
Logo, 1 color$87
Develop color palette (includes RGB & Hex for web design, etc.)$52
Evaluate branding consistency (website & up to 3 social media platforms)$215

Admin Tasks

ServicePrice per Unit
Proofread & edit documents$0.08 per word (original document length)
Post 1 event on up to 3 community calendars (1 posting per calendar)$20
1 PowerPoint show(text, images, transitions, & timings, based on content provided by client)$42 base price + $15 per slide

Mailing List Management

Note: Validation of list data will be performed to the extent possible, using publicly available resources.

ServicePrice per Unit
Initial Mailchimp setup (import & validate current mailing list; tag & segment subscriber lists; add staff access)$75 base price, plus $1 per subscriber imported
Segment and/or tag subscribers after initial setup$35 per hour
1 Email Campaign (edited, proofread, formatted, scheduled; includes perf. stats )$55
Import mailing list subscribers from handwritten or electronic lists $35 per hour

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